Objectives of PISFA

  • To promote PISFA’s reputation for reliability, integrity and high standards in freight forwarding practice and management;
  • To regulate and to promote sound business ethics and professional conduct of Members;
  • To promote and foster the development of a sound freight forwarding industry in close cooperation and consultation with relevant Philippine government officers and entities;
  • To promote the spirit of mutual assistance and cooperation among Members, and to assist them in solving problems affecting their freight forwarding trade;
  • To seek the support and assistance of government agencies and the private sector to promote the general interest of Members;
  • To liaise with national and international organizations for the benefit of Members, and to represent the Association at the international meetings and for as the Board of Directors deems necessary;
  • To provide regular forum for discussion, exchange of view and information on matters of common interest among Members and organizations with similar aims;
  • To organize training courses on subjects relating to freight forwarding and other related trades;
  • To cooperate with support educational institutions which provide courses in freight forwarding studies and related fields of higher learning;
  • To act as arbitrator whenever expressly requested by parties in the settlement of disputes between Members and third parties relating or incidental to the freight forwarding trade;
  • To provide and maintain premises for the activities of the association;
  • To do all other lawful things which the Board may consider desirable or necessary in the interest of Members and/or the freight forwarding industry and/or the economy of the Philippines;
  • Affiliation, as the Board thinks fit, with any organization or body with similar objectives;
  • At the discretion of the Board of Directors, to make or to assist any Member to make representation to any government department, office or agency as necessary;
  • To make by-laws and regulations in accordance with these objectives.


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