PISFA History

March 30,1984:
15 freight forwarding companies gathered to formalize the setting up of an association of freight forwarders engaged in international trade.

July 16, 1984: 
PISFA was issued its SEC Certificate of Registration as a non-profit, non-stock corporation

Charter members :

Mr. Rafael Rebullida of Alphatrans. Inc.
Mr. Antonio Carillo of Aquila Maritime Business. Inc.
Mr. Romeo of Sto Tomas Circle Freight Int’l. Phils., Inc.
Mr. Ben Buluran of Crown Pacific Moving Co. Phils.
Mr. Patrick Chen of CPI Transport Inc.
Mr. Astrophel of Tejada Delgado Bros .Inc.
Mr. Jorge R. Defensor, Jr. of Dero Brokerage Corp.
Mr. Ike Deres  of Four Winds Phils. Inc.
Mr. Miguel Aguado  of Meadows Freight Phils. Inc.
Mr. Bernardo David  of Maritime Factors, Inc.
Mr. Henry L. Tsai  of OCS Philippines, Inc.
Mr. Eddie P. Linsangan of Palaris Cargo Handlers, Inc.
Mr. Virgilio Veneracion  of Royal Cargo Corporation
Mr. Julio G Roxas, Jr. of UnsworthTransport Int’l Phils., Inc.

First Board of Directors :

Chairman and President:  Mr. Henry L Tsai

Directors:      Mr. Miguel Aguado
Mr. Antonio Carillo
Mr. Romeo Sto. Tomas
Mr. Julio G. Roxas, Jr.

Secretary General :  Mr. Dante F. Castor

May 14, 1987: 
The Ministry of Trade & Industry, through the representations by The Philippine Shippers’ Council, recognized PISFA as the national organization representing the seafreight forwarding industry in the Philippines. The Certificate of Recognition was signed by Undersecretary Raul A. Boncan, International Trade Group, Department of Trade and Industry.

PISFA started to sit in the Philippine Shipper’s Bureau (PSB) Registration & Monitoring Committee to help in the screening of accreditation applicants.

March 1992:
PISFA started to conduct training programs to professionalize the industry . To date , PISFA had conducted thirty nine (39) Basic Freight Forwarding Seminars, nineteen (19) Advance (Multimodal Transport/freight Logistics) Seminars, and four (4) Basic and two (2) Advance Dangerous Goods seminars. In addition, numerous half-day seminars on special topics had been held, like the E-Vat, the UCP-500, the U.S. Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 1998, Transport and Road Safety seminars for company drivers, Sales/Marketing, Leadership Seminars and the very recent BOC’s AEDS orientation.

The U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (UN ESCAP) acknowledged PISFA as the National Association of Freight Forwarders representing the Philippines.

PISFA became a member of AFFA (ASEAN Federation of Freight Forwarders Association)

June 17, 1993:
PISFA purchased its own office condominium, situated at the former Tradewinds Hotel, now known as South Star Plaza, South Super Highway, Makati City

August 12, 1993:
PISFA became a member of FEDFAP ( Federation of Forwarders Association in the Philippines)

PISFA became a member of the Port Users Confederation which hold regular monthly dialogues with top customs officials on problems and matters related to customs and the transport industry.

April 26, 2001:
PISFA became a member of FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders)

2005 – 2007: 
Transfer of the PISFA office to Skyfeight bldg, for easier access to all industry stakeholders, the same being in the same area as AFPI.

Establishment of the PISFA training center in the new location

Settlement of the long-running disputes in the enactment of RA 9280

September 1, 2006:
PISFA, in cooperation with the Through Transport Mutual Services (Asia Pacific). Ltd., formulated an affordable Liability Insurance program for members of the Association called the PISFA Scheme

Embarked on rewarding partnerships with Gawad Kalinga and other social organizations

  •  First Amendment of the PISFA By-Laws
  •  A Memorandum of Agreement to relax the container deposit fee with the shipping lines was signed
  •  Partnerships@Work was organized for a face to face discussion between PISFA members and its valuable partners (carriers, government agencies, value-added service providers, etc.) to cement friendships and partnerships
  •  Seed money for PISFA’s Development Fund was raised and free seminars were offered to further professionalize the industry

Training of Trainers was conducted by UN ESCAP in the Philippines. The first set of trained Trainers conducted a 3-day UN ESCAP International Training Programme on Freight Forwarding, Multimodal Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

September 29, 2010:
A Memorandum of Agreement between PISFA and PATTS was signed regarding the inclusion of PISFA’s Basic and Intermediate Multimodal Transport Operations (MTO) in PATT’s curriculum for transportation related courses.

February 2, 2012: 
A Memorandum of Agreement between PISFA and PSB was signed regarding the mutual support that each agency would provide each other to ensure the success of PISFA’s Special Projects

April 24 – 25, 2012:
Another Training of Trainers was conducted by UN ESCAP in the Philippines thereby increasing PISFA’s UN ESCAP accredited trainers from 15 to 32.

June 28, 2012:
A Multimodal Transport Operations (MTO) Seminar was conducted by PISFA to orient the government sector on the current and future directions of the freight forwarding industry. Representatives from DOTC, PSB, LTO, LTFRB, MIAA, MARINA, CAB, CAAP, PPA, and PNR attended the said seminar.

November 20, 2012
Land Transport Forum conduct by MMDA. LTO and MDPPA (Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association, Inc.) for truckers and PISFA and PISFA Members.

December 4, 2012
Renewal of MOA between patts & PISFA

March 2014
Transport Summit 2014

April 2014
Transport Summit 2014

July 15, 2014
Cargo Summit part 2 (Govt. Measures to Address Logistics Challenges)

1984  to 1991 :  Mr. Henry Tsai
1991  to 1993  :  Mr. Eddie P. Linsangan
1993  to 1995  :  Mr.  Julio G. Roxas, Jr.
1995  to 1997  :  Mr. Ramon T. de Leon
1997 to  2001  :  Mr.  Lito E. Colona
2001 to  2003   : Mr. Bayani Coching
2003 to 2005    : Mr. Monico David / Mr. Erich Lingad
2005 to 2007   :  Mr. Rico Brizuela
2007 to 2009   :  Mr. Dexter Yu
2009 to 2011    : Mr. Nelson Mendoza
2011 to 2013    : Ms. Irene Manguiat Tan
2013 to 2015    : Maria Emperatriz C. Regis